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Angels in the snow

Publisher: LAH Publications

Catalogue Number: LAH 38

Year: 2018

For: SSA with Piano

Duration: 3:30

Angels in the snow was commissioned by the Cantiamo Choirs of Ottawa, Jackie Hawley, Artistic Director. When setting this poem, the image that came to my mind was that of a young person gazing out at the sparkling snow with wonderment, and yet, hesitation. This thoughtful person is at a point in life where perhaps rushing outside with abandon to make snow angels doesn’t quite feel ok any more. I imagine this person holding back, wondering if this behaviour is now too childish; questioning the magic of the winter scene and whether it may be time to act more like a grown up. I picture then another person entering the room, an adult, who recognizes this young person’s inner conflict, recalling their own coming-of-age and reminiscing fondly. At this point in the piece, “choir parents” are invited to join in with “spoken solos” that represent this grown-up person sharing their wintery childhood memories, leading to an exuberant passage for the end of the piece that I hope suggests that both of these characters have indeed embraced the beautiful winter snow and are outside creating angels!

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Al Pittman

What if I went outside right now and made angels in the snow
Would people think I’ve gone mad or would they see the truth of it
That it’s game we used to share once
When angels were so real they’d (once we made them )
Take flight out of the snow
And hove all over the backyard
Their white wings beating so fast
They’d shower feathers for us to chase
And catch laughing
On our tongues