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Gohyangui bom

Publisher: LAH Publications

Catalogue Number: LAH 44

Year: 2018

For: S(S)A with Piano

Duration: 3:00

This piece was commissioned for Les Choralies of CEPEO and for les Ensembles vocal De La Sale, Robert Filion, director. It features a beautiful and well known Korean folk song, set as a partner song with new French text written by Marc Bissonnette and Robert Filion and new music to go with that text. This piece can be sung in two parts or in three.

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Korean traditional, Marc Bissonnette et Robert Filion

고향의 봄

나의 살던 고향은 꽃피는 산골
복숭아꽃 살구꽃 아기 진달래
울긋불긋 꽃대궐 차린 동네
그 속에서 놀던 때가 그립습니다
꽃동네 새동네 나의 옛고향
파란 들 남쪽에서 바람이 불면
냇가에 수양버들 춤추는 동네
그 속에서 놀던 때가 그립습니다


Gohyangui bom

Naui sal-deon gohyngeun kkotpineun san-gol
Boksunga kkot salgu-kkot agi jindal-rae
Ulgeut bulgeut kkot daegwol charin-dong-ne
Geu sogeseo noldeon-ttaega Geuripseupni-da

Kkot dong-ne sae dongne Naui yet go-hyang
Parandeul namjjok-eseo Barami bul-myeon
Naetgae suyangbeodeul Chum chuneun dong-ne
Geu sogeseo saldeon-ttaega Geuripseupni-da


Flowers bloom deep in the mountains around my old hometown
Peach blossoms, apricots, baby azaleas
A vibrant palace of flowers, in every colour
How I miss the times when I played in there

A village of flower mounds and bird nests, my old home
The wind blows in from the green pasture to the south
Making the willow trees dance by the creek
How I miss the times when I played in there

With text by Marc Bissonnette et Robert Filion:

Pays aux montagnes et rivières brodé de soie
De nos coeurs et nos voix cet appel a la joie
Pour ce pays du matin frais
Dans mes reves j’en peint le portrait.