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Publisher: LAH Publications

Catalogue Number: LAH 45

Year: 2018

For: SATB with Piano

Duration: 5:00

Commissioned by Vocal Alchemy, Jordan Van Biert, Conductor, and dedicated by the sponsor of the commission to the memory of Lynne Sterling (Dobson), 1939-1995. This piece includes a piano accompaniment that requires a sensitive delivery ranging from very delicate to impassioned, some challenging subtleties for the choir, and imitates the song of the meadowlark in places, which I didn’t discover was the case until after I had actually composed the music.

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Sara Teasdale

In the silver light after a storm,
Under dripping boughs of bright new green,
I take the low path to hear the meadowlarks
Alone and high-hearted as if I were a queen.

What have I to fear in life or death
Who have known three things: the kiss in the night,
The white flying joy when a song is born,
And the meadowlarks whistling in silver light.