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Stone and Sand

Publisher: LAH Publications

Catalogue Number: LAH 58

Year: 2019


Duration: 4:30

I have loved the Rose Vaughan Trio’s music for as long as I can remember. Rose’s unique voice, her melodies, and her stories have captivated my imagination and ear since I first heard a recording by the Halifax-based group, comprised of Rose, Cathy Porter, and Pam Mason. Rose’s curiosity about the world and people around her and her expressions of relationship with nature and with the sea resonate deeply with me. I can recall specific moments of looking out across Lake Huron as I drove along the shore road listening to Stone and Sand. Rose’s lyrics and melody floating over the misty musical backdrop created by her co-writer Cathy Porter still feel to me like a perfect expression of the lake and shoreline.

Many times, I’ve dreamed of setting some of her songs for choir, and tinkered at some, but never thought I would actually be able to do so officially and have a choir perform it. So, it came as a wonderful surprise in the summer of 2019 when I visited Halifax for the first time, and on the fridge of my dear host, Lois McVannel, I saw a small square of paper with the name “Rose Vaughan” and a phone number! This was THE Rose Vaughan! I couldn’t believe my good fortune.

Rose came over for a visit, sharing with me stories behind the songs, the recordings, and her creative process; and happily answered my many questions. She also granted permission for me to arrange her songs for choir, and so it is with great joy and gratitude that I have finally been able to finish this arrangement of her hauntingly beautiful song.

I encourage singers to seek out the Rose Vaughn Trio’s original recording that appears on their album, “Fire in the Snow” and to visit

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Words and melody by Rose Vaughan:

Stone and sand and sea and sky
Rest my heart and please my eye.
I will go and not ask why
Stone and sand and sea and sky.

Early morning rise and walk
Listen to the sea stone talk
Wild geese flock above me high
Stone and sand and sea and sky.

Soon the wind is holding me
Clears my mind so easily
Open, open to the song
Wind and sea have played so long.

I am strengthened by the sea
Something broken mends in me
Hold me till the day I die
Stone and sand and sea and sky

Stone and sand and sea and sky
I am free to laugh and cry
I feel the spirit lift me high
Stone and sand and sea and sky.