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The people you love

Publisher: LAH Publications

Catalogue Number: LAH 48

Year: 2018

For: SATB with Tenor or Baritone Solo

Original words and music: Lynn Miles

This arrangement of Lynn Miles’ beautiful song was commissioned by Tone Cluster – quite a queer choir; Kurt Ala-Kantti, conductor, and was premiered in Ottawa in 2018.

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Life moves fast and furiously
from the top of the mountain to the blue in the sea
but it’s not about the push and the shove
life is about the people you love

you can spend your days thinking you are strong and complete
solid and cool fast on your feet
but you’re gonna find out that that isn’t enough
life is about the people you love

Where you gonna go when you feel all alone
crazy and tired and tough as a stone
where you gonna go when you run out of steam
loose your heart loose site of your dreams

who’s gonna tell you it’ll be alright
who’s gonna be there in the dead of the night
who’s hand are you gonna hold when the story gets rough
you’re gonna turn to the people you love

so count all your blessings and count all your sheep
close your eyes baby be safe in your sleep
let go of whatever your afraid of
cause life is about the people you love
life is about the people you love