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Vivre, Aimer, Partager – Live, Love, Share

Publisher: Rhythmic Trident Music Publishing

Catalogue Number: RTWF-004

Year: 2015

For: SA with Piano

Duration: 3:30

Commissioned for Les Ensembles vocaux De La Salle and their director, Robert Filion, for use in a children’s choir for choirs from the French School Board in Ottawa. The commissioner requested a piece that would specifically draw in both Muslim and French elements, and this piece incorporates the well-known Middle Eastern song, Tala’al Badru Alayna alongside new music with a French text attributed to Jacques Prévert, and an introductory section/countermelody inspired by a call to prayer. This piece became famous when a video of its premiere went viral on YouTube as the #WelcomeToCanada anthem for Syrian Refugees in December 2015.

Order from: Leading Note Music Store/Long & McQuade



The original video that went viral:

laura hawley performing with Les Ensembles vocaux De La Salle



trad. Middle Eastern and Jacques Prévert


ṭala‘a ‘l-badru ‘alaynā
min thaniyyāti ‘l-wadā‘
wajaba ‘l-shukru ‘alaynā
mā da‘ā li-l-lāhi dā’
-trad. Arabic

Vivre, c’est aimer.
Aimer, c’est comprendre.
Comprendre, c’est partager.
Partager, c’est donner.
Donner, c’est aimer.
Aimer, c’est vivre
-Jacques Prévert


Praise be to Allah

The full moon rose over us
From the valley of Wada‘
And it is incumbent upon us to show gratitude
For as long as anyone in existence calls out to [Allah]

To live is to love.
To love is to understand.
To understand is to share.
To share is to give.
To give is to love.
To love is to live.