LAH Energy Exchange

LAH Energy-Exchange involves mutually beneficial exchanges between colleagues and ensembles in the spirit of mutual support and community building. These collaborations are developed on a case-by-case basis by contacting laura hawley.

Here are some examples of potential LAH Energy-Exchange initiatives:

With LAH Publications:

  • Host a choral reading session featuring music by laura hawley in exchange for a workshop with Laura
  • Produce high-quality recording by your ensemble of a piece by laura hawley for use on in exchange for a free download from LAH publications for your ensemble
  • Produce pedagogical strategy resource for in exchange for feedback on a rehearsal recording (including a customized annotated score)
  • Promotion of LAH Publications on a website or other platform in exchange for a piano-accompaniment track

Community Energy-Exchange for Library Sponsorships:

  • Library sponsorship in exchange for advertising in the concert program of the sponsorship recipient
  • Library sponsorship in exchange for social media promotion and support from the recipient for the sponsor

Do you have a creative, collaborative idea? Contact Laura Hawley.