Library Sponsorship

Through LAH Library Sponsorship, individuals, ensembles, organizations, and businesses can sponsor the purchase of a piece of music (or a set of a piece, for an ensemble) as a gift or/and to support performers in need by covering all or part of the cost for the musical scores.

To sponsor a piece, contact Laura Hawley.

To request support from a sponsor, contact Laura Hawley.

To sign up as a potential sponsor
If you would like to be contacted about supporting an ensemble in need, please contact Laura Hawley to have your name added to the Supporters List with a link to your website, if desired. Those who fulfill sponsorships either as supporters or receivers will also be published on the LAH Library Sponsorship List (donors may request to remain Anonymous). Note that this is only available for music published on

Dedicating your sponsorship
When sponsoring a piece, you may choose to include a dedication for publication on the LAH Library Sponsorship list, and recipients of sponsorship are encouraged to include these dedications in their concert programme whenever the sponsored work is performed. Dedications can include occasions such as birthdays, holidays; can be in memoriam, in support of someone or group, or by local businesses.

Some examples of dedications include:

Library Sponsorship: Dedicated to Kate Watson on the occasion of her 30th birthday!
Library Sponsorship: In memory of my grandfather, J.S. Bach (1685-1750)
Library Sponsorship: From the Woodley family
Library Sponsorship: From the Smith family, in celebration of children’s voices
Library Sponsorship: Dedicated with love to my dear friends, Clara and Marco Stevenson – Happy Christmas!
Library Sponsorship: Leading Note Music Store, Ottawa, Ontario

This initiative is inspired by the Music Library Sponsorship program created by Jackie Hawley as Founding Artistic Director for the Cantiamo Choirs of Ottawa. In gratitude, LAH Publications is pleased to offer the first sponsorship through as a gift to Cantiamo.

LAH Library Sponsorship List

Contact to join

Call Yourself Beautiful

Sponsored by: Laura Hawley, composer
For: Cantiamo Choirs of Ottawa
Dedication: Sponsored by LAH publications with gratitude and appreciation!