Pedagogical Strategies

LAH Publications is proud to offer a varied collection of pedagogical strategies and ideas for teaching and performing the music by laura hawley hosted here. These videos, pronunciation guides, annotated scores, and other materials offer helpful tips and also seek to connect performers with some fantastic musical leaders who have developed unique teaching tools in their own work with the repertoire. Through this resource, LAH Publications strives to celebrate the brilliant work of colleagues, strengthen community, provide access to master teachers, share ideas, and support the learning process of all performers.

A day in the life Blog

This blog is your “backstage pass” to the daily lives of professional musicians. Here, Canadian musicians contribute posts in the format of a daily journal, in a growing collection of professional work-day profiles that offer different blueprints of workflow, tasks, skill sets, schedules, and more. This blog is for anyone curious about what a work-day may look like for different musicians, and is especially for music students, recent music graduates, or those considering a career in music who can use this blog to research different career maps and develop ideas around the various skills, courses, and other resources they may wish to pursue in their educational path.

Fair pricing of Musical Scores

LAH Publications promotes the fair pricing of musical scores. The landscape of music score purchase, use, and storage is quickly evolving! Exciting changes are bringing about new possibilities for accessibility, environmental stewardship, and connection that we can all benefit from. As we engage with these new possibilities, doing so with vigilant mindfulness around how the music is obtained, shared, and used will help composers, poets, retailers, publishers and performers to flourish!