Fair Pricing of Musical Scores

LAH publications promotes fair pricing of musical scores.

The landscape of music score purchase, use, and storage is quickly evolving! Exciting changes are bringing about new possibilities for accessibility, environmental stewardship, and connection that we can all benefit from.

In purchasing a PDF score from an online market like laurahawley.ca, here are some of the ways the purchase price is disbursed:

  • Royalties are paid to the composer
  • Royalties are paid to the poet, singer-songwriter, or other collaborator
  • In some instances, where the text of the musical work is not in the public domain, ongoing royalties or a lump sum fee are paid to a publisher who has published the text
  • A portion of the fee is paid to PayPal
  • Funds are directed back into www.laurahawley.ca to help recoup cost of establishing and maintaining the operational aspects of the site, which includes:
    • Financial investment with a web developer
    • Several weeks of full-time work days for the composer to set up the site
    • Regular time investment in updating the site
    • Financial investment in maintaining domain hosting
    • Bookkeeping
  • Funds are directed back into www.laurahawley.ca to offset the cost of the creative life of the site, including:
    • Communications with performers
    • Adding new scores and recordings as they become available
    • Building of pedagogical strategies and other resources
    • Maintenance of the community blog
    • Ongoing engagement with outreach initiatives

These are some of the ways your purchase of music on www.laurahawley.ca helps to support the operation and creative work involved – thank you for your interest, for supporting the arts, and for upholding fair pricing of musical scores!