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Sun is mine, The (SSA)

Publisher: Rhythmic Trident Music Publishing

Catalogue Number: RTCA-033

Year: 2014

For: SSA with Piano

Duration: 3:30

Commissioned for the Cantiamo Girls Choir’s Educational Outreach Program, this was the first in a growing set of pieces dedicated to school choirs in the Ottawa region and the teachers who lead them. This piece can be performed unison, in two parts, or in three parts, according to the level and goals of the ensemble and the preparation time available.

It uses texts by Canadian poets Robert Hogg and Robert Priest, and presents many useful teachable moments, both musically and in connection with other aspects of the school curriculum. This piece is often performed as a set with “Earth Voices.” It’s also available SAB, tailored to the needs of the high-school level changing voice.

Order from: Leading Note Music Store/Long & McQuade


Robert Hogg and Robert Priest

The sun is mine
and the trees are mine
the light breeze is mine
and the birds that inhabit the air are mine
their voices on the wind are in my ear
I am young and I want to live to be old
and I don’t want to outlive these trees – this forest

When my last song is gone
I want these same trees to be singing on – newer green songs
for generations to come
So let me be old, grow to be ancient
to come as an elder before these same temple-green sentinels
with my aged limbs
and still know a wonder
that will outlast me.