Chelsea Morning

Annotated score by laura hawley

Who might use this: conductors, singers, composition students

I annotated this score to include a workshop-style commentary, and used a colour-coded analysis to show the different compositional layers at play. My approach to this was inspired by the following and includes the following ideas:

  • By my own process of annotating a PDF score for Elektra women’s choir – I had been sent a recording of the premiere performance, and was asked for feedback. As I listened to the recording, I made notes on the score and then emailed the PDF to conductor Morna Edmondson
  • I was also thinking of choristers in choirs I’ve directed who have expressed a great interest in learning more about score reading, as they are typically only looking at their own part – this score might be really interesting to those who would like a visual guide to understanding the different layers of an eight part choral score
  • As I worked on this, I realized this would be a great teaching tool to teach my students about how layering of textures, colours, and vowels plays a role in the soundscape and emotional impact throughout a piece
  • This score also helps show the trajectory of the melody, who gets what material, and when
  • The colour coding could be a helpful tool for interpretation, rehearsing, and memorization. For example, a conductor could say “all the purple stuff should sound like this: _____”
  • The colour coding also helps performers see quickly who they are “ensembling” with

I hope this score enriches your enjoyment of this arrangement!!

Resource type: Annotated Score (PDF)

Contributed by: Laura Hawley

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